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Why More Businesses should Utilize Pinterest to Increase Sales

Did you know that a whopping 90% of weekly Pinterest users actually use Pinterest to make purchasing decisions??

Why aren't you on that!? That's major buying power!

Even 83% of users say they make purchases specifically based on content they've seen from brands marketing on Pinterest!

What does that mean?

Pinterest is no longer a place to design dream boards of tattoos and recipes. Instead, it has turned into one of the world's largest visual discover platforms! So theres a plethora of opportunities for small businesses to showcase their goods!

Here are a few trade secrets straight from Pinterest on how to increase sales using the platform.

How are people using Pinterest as a shopping tool?

According to one survey, “47 percent of social media users saw Pinterest as the platform for discovering and shopping for products—more than three times higher than those who cited Facebook or Instagram.”

Seventy-seven percent of weekly Pinners have also discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest, and according to Pinterest, “people actually want to see content from brands while they’re on the platform–78 percent say it’s useful.”

Pinterest lives in a space on the internet where users more or less think of themselves and less about others, so this has led to the discovery of new brands!

5 Tips from the Pinterest Team on how to leverage Pinterest to Increase Sales

Here are a few super simple ways that you can start utilizing Pinterest to reach new audiences and optimize your pins and profile for sales. Some of these tips might be easy to implement immediately, while others might play into later strategies, let’s learn more!

1. Brand your pins

According to the Pinterest Team, 97% of top searches on Pinterest are left unbranded. For you, this gives a change to gain brand recognition and get noticed.

Pinterest recommends adding a small logo in one of the four corners of your pin, this can be done really easily in a tool like Canva. You can play around with the design, of course, and add your logo wherever it feels best.

2. Create mobile-first content

As with most sites, mobile is increasingly important on Pinterest. Eighty-five percent of Pinners are using the mobile app, so it’s super important that your content appears properly in their feeds.

3. Create a uniform look and feel

Clicking on an image that doesn't resemble the site can make customers super confused and often they'll click right off your site.

According to Pinterest, the best practice is to make sure your pins and your website have a similar look and feel, and that doing this pays off. In a study conducted by Pinterest, they found that “Pins that went to landing pages with similar imagery had a 13 percent higher online sales lift.”

4. Time your campaigns

A large component to social media marketing and running successful campaigns is timing. When are people online and looking for the product you offer?

Luckily, Pinterest releases their annual "Seasonal Insights" which helps take out your guesswork.

For example, in the 2019 report, Pinterest shared that users started sharing holiday content in June thru December and Summer content starts around the beginning of February.

Pinterest also shares monthly trends reports. Here’s their latest for March 2020 trends on Pinterest, it shares specific trends like the search term ‘mushroom jerky dehydrator’ is up 133% YoY (Year over year)!

These are a few helpful resources that you can use to start timing your seasonal campaigns around when people are making seasonal specific purchases.

5. Set up your store front

Did you know that people can easily shop through Pinterest? Luckily they make it really simple for you to set up and feature prominently on your profile!

Every Business profile on Pinterest has the ability for users to create a “shop” tab.

The shop tab is just what you think it is, a place where users can go to see all of the products your brand is selling. On the flip side, brands can leverage that tab to share pins that link directly to their sales pages for the specific product!

Pinterest has made this whole process quite easy, they even have a method for importing new products through Pinterest Catalogs. All you have to do is have your data source approved and then as you add new products to your website, they get automatically added to Pinterest as well!


I hope this guide helps you get started marketing your business on Pinterest and selling in no time!

If you need help creating a Pinterest business account, help managing one already created, or both, contact me and I'll be happy to help!


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